me sam and chopsy did karaoke of one step closer in a pub/club


Bulldog of knowledge.
Twin Size Mattress
The Front Bottoms


With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay. You said, “Hey man, I love you, but no fucking way.”

ur tits are like the Lynne Ramsay film “We Need To Talk About Kevin”, we need to talk about how fucking sick they ate and they’re slaying me like Kevin

toxines: ah dude ur the best thank u thank u


don’t mention it man like you fuckin rule me n mike were just agreeing how much I rule!! well done bro!! I rly hope you have a sick time in the States man!!

hell yeah, ur sick, come hang out soon and enjoy ur holiday, party on!!!


I fear people think I’m kidding when I send em nice shit but like I genuinely mean it bros never stop partying unless u suck



when u try and lose followers by being a dick and accidentally gain more

i only shag fit birds and hardly any of u have been shagged by me, unlucky loves